Rent furniture that fits
to your taste and budget!



More cost effective then
buying new furniture
or shipping



Rent from 3 months
up to 5 years


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Rental Solutions

ST Short Term

The perfect leasing formula when you are shipping your household goods and moving into a property for a short period of time. Comfortable and efficient.

  • Predefined furniture rental packages
  • Electrical appliances also available
  • Includes full Kyser guarantee
  • Leasing period starts at 12 weeks

LT Long Term

When moving abroad for a longer period of time, we become more demanding regarding our interior.
Our LEASE formula offers a wide variety of furniture with a lot of flexibility.

  • A variety of quality lease furniture and some electrical appliances
  • Includes full Kyser guarantee
  • Leasing period 6 to 60 months

+ Plus

The perfect solution for anybody who’s for an extended period of time. With our PLUS program you get
a tailormade solution that fits to your needs, style, and budget. And you’ll be assisted by our professional team all the way through.

  • Brand new furniture (when available)
  • Includes Kyser guarantee
  • Leasing period 12 to 60 months

Why Rent Furniture?


Ideal Short or
Long-Term Solutions

Whether you’re a corporate commuter, student, stager, or serving in the military, furniture leasing is an ideal solution. Kyser has the lease term options that you need for your stay.


Convenient & Personalized

Personalize your own space by choosing your furniture by the room. With Kyser Corporate packages, a trained professional will pick furniture to match you needs and budget. These packages include wall art for the living room, dining room, and bedroom.


Seriously Hassle-Free

Your prompt, professional delivery includes a complete furniture package setup down to the last pillow,lampshade, or spoon. We can have everything set up before your move-in date so that you will only have to arrive with your clothes and some food. Kyser Furniture Leasing provides a furnished life without compromise and little commitment.

Who Are You?

As a diplomat you expect your interior to fit to your function and personal taste. Even for temporary assignments abroad.


A mission abroad can be very challenging. Kyser is there to help you set up a comfortable home for you and your family. Rent your furniture as long as you need.

A mission abroad can be very challenging. Kyser is there to help you set up a comfortable home for you and your family. Rent your furniture as long as you need.


As a student you don’t have an unlimited budget. Moving furniture abroad or buying new furniture can be expensive, knowing you need the furniture for a limited time.


Renting furniture is a comfortable and cost efficient option for any expat who wants to feel at home quickly in his new location.


Through Kyser furniture leasing any house or apartment in your portfolio can become a furnished one.

Real Estate Agent

Work more efficient and save yourself worries and costs. In-Lease offers all-in one furniture rental solutions when your clients move abroad.


About Us

Locally owned and operated since 1963, Kyser Furniture Leasing is central Alabama’s oldest full-service furniture leasing company. We have proudly served the River Region for 50 year and want to continue that tradition with you. Contact us with any of your temporary furniture needs while on assignment or relocating. We are happy to assist you with your temporary housing needs. Living Rooms include: sofa with matching loveseat, 2 end tables with matching coffee table, and 2 lamps. Bedrooms include: queen bed set,headboard with matching dresser/mirror and nightstand, and lamp. Dining Rooms include: dining table and 4 chairs.